Sunday, December 5, 2010

A very Spl movie

It was a weekend night and it was t usual..browsing chatting commenting on FB and decided to watch a movie from a collection of movies in my hard drive.. and happen to watch Seducing Mr.Perfect.. t movie was so very cute and interesting.. the specialty of the movie was, the hero speaks in English and the heroine speaks in Korean through out the movie..Love is beyond languages:)

I was relating myself a lot with the heroine character in t movie..and it made so much sense to me.. it was very subtle movie blended with an artistic romance. I could relate so much with my own engaged relationship and told my fiance also to watch t movie and he also cud relate most of the scenes to "us"...and he called me to tell me a lot of things but I was wit t dentist and the flow happened to go and I missed whole conversation:(

Just wished we had watched the movie together!!:(

also the hero of the movie, Daniel Henny was jus so HOT!!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

screw them

Quick plan!! me and mom went for a movie!! (yet to book t tkts) first place mom wud have got screwed in case we had not got t tkts, coz she took whole after noon to leave from home. Movie was good..happy was almost 6 in the evening by the time movie got over..and the traffic was to much!! it was a friday evening but still it was too mom was a pillion i was extra careful in driving and i do not take t mid lane i had to take t left most lane.

Share auto guys are the most horrible and worst drivers I have ever seen. If I had been working in the RTO office and in the license issuing dept, I seriously wud have seized their licenses..their driving sense and traffic sense are beyond explanation..

Ground Rules is that you shud never overtake a vehicle on your i happen to overtake the share auto on t RIGHT and that idiot over took me on my LEFT and we almost met in a spite of breaking the ground rules he was rude..

the whole point is after he overtook me on t left, he did not race and drive past me instead, he took another bend and parked his vehicle in the left.. absolute crap!!

Screw them ya!!! you can never have a peaceful driving in Indian traffic !!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

wat do I do?

am stuck!!

all the doors are closed..

.......... someone plz.........
........ and there comes the man of my life...

to rescue me
to love me
to care me
to appreciate me
to scare me
to dominate me

wat not ... everything!! :) love ya!!

yea the post does have a history ;):)

cooking freak!!

I am turning into a cooking freak...of curz i do accept there are lot many hidden reasons behind it..and tat reason deserves a separate blog to be spoken let me leave it hidden..;)

made two yummy yum,my sweetz.. may be easy preparations but i def need an applause here coz am a fresher to cooking.. :D thanku thanku!!

made bengali rasagulas .. but i named my dish as chennai rasagulas :P and planned to make doodh beda but then changed my plan to name it milk kova as I was done with the dish ;) tats ok!! it happens!! but the base is it tasted "oh my god" yummy!!

trust me it was god damn yummy!!

doesn it look yummy..?? I kno it does!!

happy diwali!! welcome home to have my delicious sweetz..:)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

where do I start?

Loads of things to do...

loads that I dont even want to write a "to-do things" list..b'cozz its gonna make me more crazy and for sure i will end up doing nothing :P

the thing is wen i actually start doing..lots of bits and pieces comes in btw and i forget wat i initially intend to do :P

ok. Now let me go do something..

but then i feel sleepy nw lemme go sleep for sometime..ZzZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Monday, August 2, 2010

A movie with Brilliance

Inception - wat a movie..seriously!!!

ppl kept telling me, yu don't understand one scene.. tats it yu go off the track!! I have never ever watched any movie with so much concentration and intensity and I was watching the movie sitting at the edge of my seat!!not cos it was thrilling, its jus tat i was all into the screen to understand the movie!!

the movie had a beautiful flow, the way it was started, the way it was taken, the cinematography - stunning

and of curz few areas very tricky and I'd to come back home and check it out on the net. And that's wen the movie stole the show!! Christopher Nolan - yu re jus beyond brilliance!!

Interesting fact is except for Di Caprio and Christopher , no one else know the story!!

The movie was definitely an inception planted on yu by the director.

Beyond imagination
Beyond creativity

tooo watch the movie and if yu happen to go for the movie, do buy me an extra ticket :P

P.S: Though I saw the movie long back,jus happen to post :P

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Wat’s the point arguing when yu kno yu re def not going to convince the other person: P wy waste energy: P and wy build a heated conversation..when yu really feel it’s going nowhere ..atleast def not to the place wher yu want it to go..


Jus rite there if at al the person is in close relationship with yu..if not..then no matter wat happens, jus blow their heads off :P