Sunday, December 5, 2010

A very Spl movie

It was a weekend night and it was t usual..browsing chatting commenting on FB and decided to watch a movie from a collection of movies in my hard drive.. and happen to watch Seducing Mr.Perfect.. t movie was so very cute and interesting.. the specialty of the movie was, the hero speaks in English and the heroine speaks in Korean through out the movie..Love is beyond languages:)

I was relating myself a lot with the heroine character in t movie..and it made so much sense to me.. it was very subtle movie blended with an artistic romance. I could relate so much with my own engaged relationship and told my fiance also to watch t movie and he also cud relate most of the scenes to "us"...and he called me to tell me a lot of things but I was wit t dentist and the flow happened to go and I missed whole conversation:(

Just wished we had watched the movie together!!:(

also the hero of the movie, Daniel Henny was jus so HOT!!!

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